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Preparation for Statistical Inference - Basics

Introduction to Minitab   


Lecture_1  Descriptive Statistics, Part 1: Basic Concepts


 Lecture_2  Descriptive statistics, Part 2: Basic Concepts


Lecture_3  Descriptive Statistics, Part 3: Graphical Presentation--


Lecture_4  Introduction to Probability --  


Lecture_5  Introduction to Discrete Probability Distributions--


Lecture_6  Counting Rules and the Binomial Probability Distribution


Lecture_7  Operations on  Expected Values and Variances;


                               Introduction to Continuous Probability Distributions--


Lecture_8  The Normal Probability Distribution--


Lecture_9   Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution-


Sampling Theory


Lecture_10  Introduction to Sampling Theory  -- 


Lecture_11  Central Limit Theorem  --  


Lecture_12  Assorted Sampling Distributions  --  


Confidence Intervals


Lecture_13  Introduction   -- 


Lecture_14  Various Intervals & Techniques  --  


Lecture_15  More Confidence Intervals  --  



Lecture 16  Brief Overview of Sampling Methods   -- 


Hypothesis Testing


Lecture_17 Introduction  -- 


Lecture_18  More Hypothesis Tests  --  


Lecture_19  Hypothesis Tests on Two Populations  --  


Lecture_20  Chi-squared Tests  --  


Linear Regression


Lecture_21  Introduction to Simple Linear Regression  -- 


Lecture_22  Regression and Correlation  -- 


Lecture_23  Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression  -- 


Lecture_24  Categorical Variables in Multiple Regression  -- 


Lecture_25  Cautions -- 


Pitfalls in Inferential Statistics

Lecture 26  The Dark Side of Inferential Statistics -- 


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