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SCheck: A computer program for statistical detection of cheating (copying, collusion) on multiple choice tests and examinations.









This software is based on the method described in : Wesolowsky G.O. (2000) "Detecting Excessive Similarity in Answers on Multiple Choice Exams", Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. 27, 909-921. It has, however, undergone a large number of modifications to increase its power and utility for large scale applications. An example of such a large scale application  was discussed in a series of newspaper articles in June 2007. These articles won first place in the 2007 Philip Meyer investigative journalism awards. The program has also been used to investigate the psychology of cheating.

A brief manual describing the use and features of SCheck is in the file ReadMesCheck.pdf . An example of the output for a class with a 'tough' exam is  sample00.pdf. Software using some competing methodologies is available for comparison. Also, the  program package includes auxiliary programs for converting data formats. 

For leasing terms for this software and consulting on analysis , please contact George Wesolowsky at Also available are detection programs using different methodologies and applicable to extended MC formats.